Delicious is dead - long live Instapaper

Yahoo has announced that it is closing its popular bookmarking service - delicious. 

It is really sad news. Even dough I have not been frequent user of service for personal usage, I've been using it extensively while building instaright system. I could compare delicious like ancient library of Alexandria. You can find very useful things about urls using delicious api. Some of those features I've implemented while creating recommendation system that tweets most engaging articles on @instaright feed.

Shutting down delicious I'd compare with burning down the ancient library of Alexandria. Delicious metaphorically represent lighthouse of web 2.0 and all revolutionary set of features that has defined as standards. Like Gabe Rivera noticed, service should be run, just for sake of internet or give it to Smithsonian museum to keep it running.

But what can we do about it? We can move to new services, services that do benefit from spin-out of delicious. Apps that have presence on both desktop and mobile platforms are  pointers of what path we should take. Also, we should save our gems from Alexandria library from merciless y! earthquake for future.

Instaright modest contribution towards your bookmark consistency is that it should enable you to easily import bookmarks from Delicious to Instapaper. Introducing, Delicious to Instapaper importer. Importer saves your Delicious bookmarks as article in your Instapaper feed. 

How to Use it

Delicious to Instapaper importer is very simple tool. It requires your delicious screen name and Instapaper credentials. If you don't use password for your Instapaper account ( something like Instaright usage tutorial ) our Instapaper account, skip this field.



On successful import initialization user will receive notification like in image bellow.

I'd like to remind you that execution of import will vary depending on number of public bookmarks on delicious and instaright quota. Once you start receiving Delicious links on Unread Instapaper artcles, you'll notice them with prefix: 



Some import are shown in snapshot bellow:


I hope you enjoy u

sing importer so you can protect yourself and your precious bookmarks from rush decisions of Y! upper management.




Instaright Firefox addon for Instapaper

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