Instaright new version

I'm proud present new version on Instaright which leads this addon to new era.


Instaright is used all over the world from Europe, North America to Asia and South America. Most of Instaright users are English speaking including US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  But recently I've noticed great traction from non English speaking world. Order of coutries by Instaright usage can be depicted in bar graph bellow.


Note: Data on graph present logarithmic scale for presentation purpose. Vertical axis represent country codes .

Due to great international traction of Instaright, this made me think that Instaright must go l10n path ( localization path , l + 10 letters + n) . Based on data from different speaking language cohorts, I've decided to introduce 12 different localizations for Instaright, including: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Franch, Czech, Serbian, Russian and German. Some of languages would also deserve localisation in first round like Korean, Swedish or Norwegian, are left for next updates. If you like that your language appears in following releases of addon propose it request here.


Instaright Firefox addon for Instapaper

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