Google App engine overview 2008 - 2010

I've been using app engine for more then a year and got kinda hooked on it. My advice to all planing to move to app engine is: " Be ready for mental shift :) "
On glance, it could look kinda awkward with its limitations and hooks for every action imagined, but it make so much sense.
I'd like give shoutout to my favorite features on Google App Engine backed with example of feature that supports it on Instaright:

  • out of box XMPP integration - I've used it to deliver Instapaper articles to user to users favorite chat client (i.e. gtalk)

  • Google Channel Api - use to deliver real time feed on Instaright article stream

  • Offline processing - all heavy data processing cron tasks, data aggregations and consolidations.

  • ...
  • Note: All of these libraries are available for both Python and Java.

    If you are still wondering what would be your next platform and if you are still evaluating upsides and downsides of platforms, I'd heartily recommend .
    Let me finish in Dave Mcclure style: stop BITCHIN' bout it and start working on it!

    Bojan Babic

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