antigravity is now part of Python 3 standard library !!!

Update : This post has been inspired by Guido Van Rossum's port from Python History

Everybody knows this famous cartoon by xkcd. It reflects ease of coding in Python.
Now, "antigravity" module became part of Python standard library ( /usr/lib/python30/ )! From a comic to standard library, wow! First implementation of "antigravity" module have been accomplished by Google App Engine team. It was nice easter egg, but due to close connections between Python originators and Google App Engine Team "antigravity" module is part Python 3.
Here is snippet how to invoke this module in your application:

import antigravity

def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

* sorry for bad formating

This code opens web browser and does randomly two things: with 10% probability redirects you to xkcd comic or renders text or comic in HTML.

I'm very happy that with adoption of "antigravity" module, Randall Munroe gets recognition from Python community.
Congrats , you've deserved it!

Bojan Babic

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