Unicorn system explained

Unicorn system is method of awarding employees between themselves.

"Every full-time employee also receives stock options and takes part in our bonus system called Unicorn. The way Unicorn works is that twice a month we deposit money into the Unicorn system as a revenue share with all employees. The system automatically splits it evenly amongst all employees. However, no one can simply take the money out. You can only “invest” it in other employees as a thank you and bonus for accomplishments. This means that bonuses are paid where the company (being the employees) thinks they are due. Sometimes this leads to odd results (I recently got a $13 bonus for successfully nuggeting jesse) but who am I to argue if the company decides that this is worth rewarding?"
- taken from 37 signals Shopify interview

This is second time I meet with this method. First time, I've heard from Philip Rosedale (picture above) and second time I've heard it was implemented at Shopify.
Both , Tobias and Philip are visionaries ahead of their time and we can see it more and more as it replaces agile methods.

Bojan Babic

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