Instaright - Instapaper Firefox addon usage stats

Last several months I've noticed increased usage of Instapaper Firefox Addon. New users increased traffic, but numbers are still small regarding Instapaper volume - which put those users into early adopter/geeky category. And all geeks like stats and analytics. So I've decided to treat all users creating Instaright dashboard.
Dashboard contains 3 sections ( currently ): Stats for last 5 days, Stats for last 5 weeks and Link Volume. First 2 sections contain sorted top domains that have been saved, while last section contain total link volume.
For example stats for 2nd of June 2010:

Going through all weekly stats, one can notice url shorteners have stable position in charts, which confirms that real-time web has been tatooed into out subconscious and they are here to stay.
One of my favourite movements in Valley 37 signals, which have been covered earlier post Epic Clash Dave McClure vs Jason Fried, is getting large follower base. This is also confirmed by number of users that are interested in book Getting it Real, which is highly ranked on Weekly Stats for 18th of May:

and on 11th of May:

Other web behaviour data from stats confirm strong usage of feed readers and strang position of news networks ( Google News, Life Hacker, NY Times ... )

Even though user base in relatively small it still provides interesting data. I'm very excited rolling out this feature and stay connected for new features.

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