Thoughts on fb ff acquisition

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Ex Googlers never sleep. A lot of them use they experience to found new companies. Same example is this weeks' hype FriendFeed. Everybody today is talking about Facebook acquisition of Friendfeed. 50m$ deal split into 15m cache and rest in vested options. This looks nice from point of investors who invested 5 million dollars, 6 months ago. Three time ROI for Benchmark Capital looks nice. But ...
I REALLY LOVED Friendfeed! Which means that development will stall and stealth ff development will end. I guess you can find a lots of news related this topic since it was number one in techmeme.
But, everybody expecting GOOG response, talking about Twoogle or how Wave will need 100m till end 2011.
Guys, wait a minute. Google will not make any sudden moved, since it has set it long time ago. They will not panic. Instead, they have been making a lot of quite progress in this direction with GReader. Look at like feat, share feat. All of these provide viral/social elements of GReader, since you can follow person that likes same article like you. Or your friend. Comments are features that will be transformed into "tweets" and whole reader will be replaced with Google Wave. Google is heading real time. They where not first in search but science approach to page rank valuation claim them first spot.
UPDATE: on Friday Google released new feature for Greader which leads directly towards realtime

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