Check these Firefox extensions

Basically, I'm lazy person. Don't like to click, if I don't have to. Don't like to open new tab if I don't have to.
Browsers are far from perfect and should be reinvented. Chrome is good idea. Its fast, reliable, but it doesn't have big community.
And I need as much as possible useful plugins, add-ons, Bookmarklet. I want to right-click images to Flickr, to post to Blogger or Twitter etc.
A lot of those plugins are built for Firefox and use them regularly.
Two of my favorite are:
Bookmarklet from Their sidebar, is true time saver.
Instapaper has cool bookmarklet.

But there are a lot of missing pieces and every browsing created urge in me to develop some missing Firefox plugins in order to make life easier.

Let me present:
Instaright!. Instapaper Firefox plugin that allows you to bookmark link to Instapaper without need to follow link.

Contextual Wikipedia Plugin (CWP) is ambitious Firefox plugin that analyze page for you and link most relevant topics to Wikipedia. Idea for this plugin came when I realized that I visit ~10 Wikipedia paged on daily bases and how this can be avoided.

If you have some ideas or comment please contact me.


  1. dude u r totally crazy...

    -Luka :)

  2. 10x m8! keep yourself informed there are more cool thing come ;)