Euthanizing Instaright

 I want to start by thanking everyone for supporting Instaright over the 3 past year. I'm extremely proud with how the app turned out, but unfortunately reality has caught up with us. 
 Instaright was my first baby and it helped me a lot to understand product and customer development and how it feels like to bootstrap your company. 

 At first it looked like I've hit the sweet spot. Users loved Instaright! I've received a lots of praises. As soon as I introduced Donate button on Firefox addon, donations keep pouring in. Those where enough to keep app up and running for months. App was running purely on users donations, but as soon as Google Appengine changed pricing model price of hosting such product when sky high. I've considered various pricing models, but none turned out to be good enough to uniquely distinct Instaright from other services in market. On top of that, app was dying for redesign. Time was running out, but I had big plans for Instaright. 
 Grand vision for Instaright was to become implicit version IFTTT where links, based on user intentions, would be sent to various destinations with just one click and no predefined rules. Upcoming (never shipped) version of Instaright supported Evernote, Picplz, Twitter and Facebook (no Instapaper but Instaright). Ie, if user "Instarights" image - it will be send to PicPlz; if user "Instarights" selected text it will be sent to Evernote as note; or if user "Instarights" article, then based on trends and internal article-souce score, it will be shared on Twitter or Facebook (thus, leveling up your social present and social rating). I still believe that this kind of implicit sharing service is in need by wide range user cohorts, ranging from social media experts to busy office employees. 

 NOTE: Unpublished version of Instaright did not include support for Instapaper, since Marco Augment provided no feedback when asked for oAuth key despite dozen of request. 

In the meantime, while struggling to keep Instaright up and running, I've received great job opportunity and was offered to move to Berlin. Which I have accepted and now I'm fully focused on new endeavour.
 Still, I believe that idea behind Instaright can be monetized. If you have some thoughts on subject, I'd be more then happy to share more details with you - just PM me. 

 Thanks again for your support, and if you want to be notified when I announce my next app you can follow me on twitter

Bojan Babic 
Creator of Instaright

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