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It has been very exciting couple of months since last blog post (release of  Instaright Google Chrome extension ). A lot has been accomplished and still, many features need to be implemented. Ideas are just popping up and it is very hard to distinguish gems from sea of ideas. Basically, I try to stay lean, have clear mind and focus on most important issues and features.

Lets get onto lastest Instaright updates:

- First you'll notice that this blog is now sub domain of instead of

- Twitter Instaright handle got almost 3K followers and has steady klout score round 50

- Front end got new sections: Categories and Domains

- Embedded information in stream( images, videos, pdfs, books etc) in order to provide more useful link snippet in steam 

- Ajax support for crawlers (notoriously know as hash-bang), which resulted in big increase in number of indexed pages.

And many more ... If you are interested in what else is cooking, check out user dashboard in order to get sense of what else is cooking.

PS: Also there are many issues that Instaright face. The biggest one is rebranding of and getting rid of Instapaper legacy icons ( sorry, Marco still haven't done it ). If you have some idea for new icon or have some manga-type minimalistic monster graphic at your disposal, I'll glad to consider it.

Instaright Social Bookmariking and Recommendation App

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