HTC Hero price announced

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I have never wrote about mobile phones before, nor their are my expertise. Last week one mobile phone really got my full attention.
Reason I found this phone interesting is its disruptive nature. This "Twitter Happy" phone, oriented towards best web experience, based on Google Android platform, could disrupt iPhone game. And love business that spoil game for big players. It is in my disruptive nature.
That's what phones should be about, best possible web experience. Easy status change on Facebook, twitting, uploading photos on Flickr. It could be my second best "pick on the draft" since Sony rejected Sony-Erricson plans to build PSP mobile phone. WOW , that would be awesome! Big 5-7 inch display used as portable console, browser with full PC experience and e-book reader. That would be disruptive!

Since, HTC announced Hero on 24th of June, I've been inpatient so get more news. When will it be available, which price will it have? I knew that its gonna be available in July across Europe.
Today, I found that Amazon made pre-sale offer of stunning £429.00 and made note that price could be changed. Probably up. At least price is disruptive. The end.

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