Startup Metrics

Recently I've reposted post from Jude Gomila about mapping web startup. There I found a lot of useful info, but somehow too many charts. Everything is in its place, but not quite for Harvard Business School.
Once a year in San Francisco Web 2.0 Seminar is held. 2008 seminar had presentation from Hiten Shah and David McClure about startup metrics. This slide I found a light weight version of Jude post and somehow it somehow it should be read first.

Good stuff. But, there are some part of presentation I would not recommend. Email under referral part should be left out, even though IT WORKS. Instead, time should be spent on creating quality product which should give value to its users. Main point is to give value to users, even some times it means less revenue. A lots of successful smart people would agree with this approach of creating product. Alway have to GIVE value. This is point missed in this presentation which is above spaming techniques and yes Entrepreneurship is NOT COOL.

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