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If you think about latest Google hype called Google Wave presented at GoogleIO conference and how conference had perfect timing which moderated hype about latest Microsoft product and GoogleIO overlapped D7 conference which was covered only by organizers. Or if you think that I'm going to talk about free Google Android phones which every participant on conference got and how 4K developers was gathered in order to create buzz about Wave since they were all twitting about event ( #GoogleIO ).

Instead, I'll blog about other Google product - Google Calendar and its latest features - Tasks. It recently caught my eye even tough it was released on May of 13th. We have been waiting long for this essential feature Google was missing. And waiting for Task a Google lost a dozen of users that migrated to, mainly to adorable Delaying release of Tasks at least they could roll out quality product. It not intuitive, can't import list of tasks which is a must feature of Tasks. Currently, if you try to empty completed task list - it gets stuck (?!?). Rememberthemilk is way much better application with support for Google Calendar.

So, what this can speak about Google? That they can't roll out in parallel couple of quality products and waste resources on various products that never lived in public ( remember google microblogging service jaiku ). Its getting slow and robust. Hey, its natural they have 10K employees, decisions are slowly made ...

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