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We have to major branches of advertising on the net:

1. displayed advertising - Yahoo is current leader
2. search advertising where Google is the undisputed leader in search-related advertising
3. advertising exchange - leaders Double-click and RightMedia , each both by major contesters Google and Yahoo, respectively

Right Media provides Yahoo a third leg of a stool for its advertising business, he said. The first leg is Yahoo's network of publisher Web sites and the second leg involves other advertising partnerships with a consortium of more than 260 newspapers and participating in a pilot online exchange for the buying and selling of cable TV ad time that eBay is building.

Google's AdSense serves up pay-per-click text ads to Web sites within its publisher network, while DoubleClick, which markets a product called Dart, places banner ads on Web sites. DoubleClick also runs an advertising exchange and a search-engine marketing business called Performics. Actually Performics helps their clients to have better ranking in search engine results. Initial reaction may be that there is a conflict of interest by Google owning one of the largest search marketing firms in the business, since the goal Performics is to rank their clients highly and efficiently on Google and other search engines.

But, this raised this issue, paid inclusion issue. All the major search engines but Google practiced it. Paid inclusion is where someone can pay to get their pages listed in the "natural" or "free" results. Unlike paid placement (AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing ads, Microsoft adCenter), you are not guaranteed that your listing will show up for any given term.

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