Instaright extension for Google Chrome - Out Now

I'm very excited to announce that Instaright now has Google Chrome Extension.

Instaright extension for Google Chrome can be downloaded from Instaright tools section  or get Instaright for Google Chrome directly from Chrome Web Store .


Essentially, if you are Instaright user for Firefox transition to Google Chrome extension would be painless. Instaright Google Chrome extension has been developed to resemble Instaright for Firefox as much as possible. Chrome extension contextual menu contains additional component that will save current page or link user hovers. Snapshot from below represents contextual menu for Google Chrome extension: 



Additionally, Instaright for Google Chrome has new feature. Adjacent to the address bar there is button that will save current url.



With this feature Instaright Chrome Extension is ahead of its Firefox clone. This option will be featured on new version of Instaright addon for Firefox, which will be hopefully confirmed in upcoming week. Additional feature is another reason to dig into Instaright for Google Chrome. 


Beside Google Chrome extension, there have been many changes on front-end side. One of most crucial improvements was purchasing . If you head to you would be redirected (301ed) to


Thats it for now  new goodies coming soon!


Happy Instarighting 

Instaright Firefox addon for Instapaper


  1. How do I get rid of the instapaper icon in the address bar? I don't want it there

  2. Thanks for reaching out. Currently, there is no option for removal, it will be enabled in next version of addon.