Incenives for building Instaright

It's been almost one year since, I've developed early version of Instaright - Instapaper addon for Firefox.

What I was thinking at moment? Basically, I was trying to solve problem I had using Instapaper Bookmarklet. Sometimes, I new that I want to bookmark link without visiting it, just based on link or based on context where link is located. Quote from AMO site:


This addon was created from frustration created by existing Instapaper Bookmarklet , which does not allow you bookmark link without visiting it. And I hate clicking ...


Incentives are same as for dozen on entrepreneurs starting their own business. Except, this is not business since addon rely on existing product and its growth. Instaright as product holds very small cap of market, but has tremendous opportunity.

If someone asked me if I would be on same project one year after, I would hardly believe it. After all, it is just a pet project that was squeezed  between daywork and other projects. Just.

As product have been developing and gaining more features, incent for maintaining addon have changed. Usage analytics and stats have been run on daily/weekly basis ( check out and learning from those date pushed addon in different direction - real time updates, which have provided need for realtime bookmarking service.


One features that can find appliance in many use cases are XMPP updated via chat. More about it in next post.

Instaright Firefox addon for Instapapaer

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