Facebook movie Premiere or When to Launch Social Network

Strange trailer. It reminds me of horror movie trailer. Facebook movie story is based on book Accidental Billionaire that describes Facebook early days. It is very interesting story, but not even close to horror movie

Before watching the movie I highly recommend to read a book or listen it on audiobook.

Movie premiere is scheduled for October of 2010 and it will reach audience across the globe. I predict that movie will be huge success due to 500 million user base of Facebook. Most of people did not read book and don't know full story behind Facebook. After watching this movie and hearing all privacy issues round Facebook in news these days, mainstream audience will start raising eyebrows.
"Hey, Facebook is evil ?!? ".

And then it would be perfect time to launch alternative social network! Google.me, Diaspora, some of existing social networks like Myspace ( if it is executed properly ) or social network that you are currently building. New social network can use momentum created by movie.

So what are you waiting for start to execute. Now! This is one billion dollar race, and being part of it one can't loose.

Bojan Babic

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