Twitter Monetization - coming this month!

Unofficially, Twitter will announce monetization platform this week.

As I noticed in previous post about Twitter, Twitter managment is focusing all resources on monetization platform. Every major sport/music event is platform where they iterate algorithms, discovering patterns in human behavior via tweets.

 What can we expect? Beside obvious, like sponsor tweets, premium accounts for business usage or Google/M$ deals.
 Dick Costolo said, it's gonna be something "fascinating", "organic". But, do we already have living examples ?

OneRiot incorporated trending tweets with hot headlines, giving users relevant news results along with twitter search results. This is discrete, sophisticated way to incorporate "payed tweets" ( media partners ) with relevant user search. has ambition to be Adsense for tweets involving 30K publishers ( tweeteres ) that have right to reject placement of ads in their stream. This is different approach from traditional publishers on web site by giving them more control. Here I can see major problem. If wants to be Adsense for tweets, can you imagine Google giving its whole  result stream to third party and getting no money from ads conversion ? Last sentence describes state of Twitter API and if they want to monetize it, they need major API revamp. Or, they can use Google / M$ model from above.

Location based monetization giving people discounts for certain amount of checkins to a venue/bar.  This approach valuates single tweet as currency. When you check in to a venue/bar you send tweet to all your followers and doing marketing instead of venue. After certain amount of tweets - you'll get i.e. - discount. This model must include talented sales persons that will sign thousands of sponsor contracts with venues/bars.


Here, I skiped, on purpose, value of collected phone numbers and mobile payment platform that can be implemented , since it is totaly different area and Twitter with its 75 emplyees doesn't have resource for this model. So, lets see what will happen in next month and see if there is something was our poking eyes and nobody, but Dick Costolo, saw :)       

Bojan Babic

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