How to use instaright?

Instapaper in one of simplest social bookmarking sites. It gained its popularity due to early support for Amazon Kindle and simplicity of user experience ( UI ).

What is Intaright?

Instaright is Firefox addon that leverages popularity of Instapaper, giving to users better experience. 

Instaright and Pre-requirements

User needs to have valid account on Instapaper and installed Mozilla Firefox.  From AMO site,  get latest version of Instaright addon and install it.
After Firefox is restarted you are ready to use it!

Usage of Instaright

While surfing the vast internet space, regularly we find links we want to read later.
For instance, if we are on CNET and reading review of Samsung phone. Besides specified smart phone there is mention of Nokia and we don't have time for reading full article. Simply, we just click right mouse button, select Intapaper it! and just send it to Instapaper. Like in image below:
Afterwards, specified article has been located on your Instapaper account. Enjoy!

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