G.ho.st is shutting down on 15th of March!

I've been using g.ho.st , virtual OS, for a while. I loved it. Awesome integration and features. But, got mail from cutomer service that they are shutting down: 


Dear Ghost User,

We hope you have been enjoying our free Ghost service. Regrettably changes in the marketplace mean that it is no longer economical for us to host the Ghost service and we will be closing down the service on or around March 15. We will instead be focusing on licensing or selling our technology to larger companies.

We advise you to migrate ALL important folders, files and emails to another secure place before March 15. You might like to consider Google Docs or Microsoft SkyDrive for files and services such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail for email. Some instructions for migrating data are included below.

We are really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and are very grateful for the fantastic support we had from our community.



I like the part of mail when they recommend Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. Implicitly they are pointing to companies that have destroyed them. Awesome!  This is what happens when you swim with the sharks. It doesn't matter if you have great product. It doesn't matter if you are visionary. It doesn't matter if market is big enough. Big companies will chop you and eat you into small peaces. Period!

Bojan Babic

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