Google privacy flaws in action - again!


I've noticed that Google keeps on adding new peeps to my Google Talk contacts without notifying. All persons that I've exchanged couple of mails , have been added without notifying. They just keep appearing in Google Talk. Even, if somebody have added me as contact - I should be able accept them. Probably I'd accept them - but just want to be informed that someone has added me to list and is waiting for my response. 

This, started to happen while ago. Before, everything when in usual manner. I would added someone and after a while I'd get accepted or not. Simple, ass that.

Before I made this post -I've checked if there are any new settings in my Google Account settings. Nothing! Even, if there was new settings or feature - we all should be notified. Now, when you mix this flaw with recently Buzzy flaws that are facing FTC , somehow it is crossing the line. These two things can be closely coupled.

I just want my old settings back :)

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