Historic Google Release : Google Chrome for Linux is out now!!!

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Google pushed Google Chrome for Linux and this is historic event!

After months of waiting, 60 000 lines of code, 2713 bugs fixed and almost 2 years of developing Google Chrome version for Linux is out. And its in Beta.

As you know Google Chrome is stealth web browser with built-in javascript comipler. Until, today it was only available for Windows. Chrome enhances power of Google search and services in Google cloud to its full potential. Price we have to pay for top-notch user experience is great amount of data into your hard drive. For several months of usage Google Chrome collected and stored over 5G of data on hard drive. This is one of biggest faults of Google Chrome design and implementation. But, it did not stop me to love Google Chrome and could not wait for this day.

Developers from all over the world ( US, Europe and Japan ) together with Googlers made this epic release into reality.

Whole process of developing was summarized into xkcd style comic. This comic is much shorter then one made for Windows release. Comic together with Google Chrome for Linux download instructions you'll find here. Enjoy.

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