Hype on Web 2.0 Summit: Marissa, can tell us about SLA?

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Marissa "Keep on searching" Mayer is legendary Google totem - uber inteligent, hard working and good looking.
Yesterday, she was speaker on Web 2.0 Summit where she announced Google Social Search. Based on your emails history, feeds and friends activity search results will incorporate social activity of friends in your network. Feature is still in Google Labs and its expected to be standard part of Google search results in two weeks. Not very impressive. But, there could be catch. In order to use Social Search capabilities user will need also Gmail account and Google Profile. Google profile is one of Google's forgotten/unused projects which should incorporate social layer of Google. It was epic FAIL. Google have not done anything to promote profiles and it could be second biggest social network with round 200m active users! This shows that Google have became big slow moving company that have lost its startup spirit sitting behind advertiser's money. Recently, I have been investigating possibilities of Google Profile. Have done some statistics, demographic of profiles, per country stats, growth space compared to total number of Gmail users. Can you imagine Google Profile page with integrated Chat app , iGoogle and Google Reader? Thats social, viral and sticky. Second largest Social network available. Ouch!

On Web 2.0 Summit Marissa also announced real time search financial deal with Twitter compared to Qi Lu's announce of both Twitter and Facebook contracts. Once more, ouch! This time ouch! is pointed to Twitter who has been struggling with constant outages. Since Marisa did not revealed financial side of deal, as developer I wonder technical part of deal. What is SLA of deal? Will Twitter server their API 99.9% of time with no outages? It could be done only within Google infrastructure. Will Google provide API availability and get still pay for service? Oh, I'm so eager to take a peak at contract.

Overall, this speech was nothing special - these are only some first hand thoughts. Make your conclusions watching video belove:

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