New Apple iPod at Apple Event

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Whats gonna be? A new generation ipod with 32g of memory with wide 5 inch display , something that Toshiba build recently with its TG01 ? Is it gonna be Kindle competitor? Will Apple emerge into eBook readers today ? Maybe new iTouch?

Questions , questions. But nobody really have an answer and everybody is expecting something big from Apple. Every new Apple Event brings dozen of eyeballs staring and waiting whats gonna be their new gadget. We are sure thats gonna be something big, but is it gonna be as big as iPhone presentation. Will Apple stocks jump 5% during presentation like in some previous events?

We will know answer in couple of hours , round 1pm ET.

Until then follow tweets from event using #apple hashtag or connect to uStream live coverage.
  • Steve Jobs is on the stage

  • Jobs is presenting new OS for iPod and iPhone : OS 3.1

  • On 9/9/9 iTunes 9 is annonced

  • ... and thats it? Only talk about iPhone apps managment

  • Jeff Robbins is currently on stage talking about apps management

  • btw is currently down

  • iTunes has support for Twitter and Facebook

  • iPod take on DVD, Nitendo and PSP

  • Apple stocks is up! as predicted

  • Can't tweet!

  • Tweeter is up and Steve Jobs is back on stage

  • Gaming is new market Apple wants to conquer. Sony should have made that psp mobile

  • As predicted: announce of iPod Touch 32G for $299 and 64G for $399

  • iPod nano with camera

  • They have listened Jason Calacanis and added FM radio to iPod Nano

  • Overall rating event from 1-10: lame 4

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