Silicon Valley ... sorry Village

Recently, on blog post related to connection between Twitter and , I promised the more insight on relations between various persons in Silicon Valley. I think that this is just tip of the iceberg and how far my humble knowledge reaches.
Its interesting how 80-20 rule works across human race and especially in Silicon Valley.
If you dig little deeper you find that in almost every major deal we have same players. Where do I start ...

Sequoia Capital was investor in both Youtube and Google before Google acquisition by which Sequoia payed itself investment in Youtube. was acquired by Google in 2003 whose CEO at the time was Evan Williams who sold company for Google options which turned into great amount of cash. Nowadays Evan is one of key co-founders of Twitter. Money got from same VC as for (Betaworks) and some angel investors ( Naval Ravikant also a founder of my ex company Twitter is fastest growing company on market and in position like it was Youtube before Google acquistion. Google is eager to acquire twitter or at least wants advertising deal on twitter search pages. Evan has experience with Google, deal would be walk through park. But, at this point twitter wants to use momentum it has and hold on the deal.
And not to mention one of major players Fred Wilson whose Silicon Valley connection reach from age of soon closed Geocities to Twitter era from Health care and Education to Boxee and The Unbank. (Continues ...)

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